leaf_icon Blanket PO 

Blanket PO for Dynamics GP provides the ability to create a Blanket Purchase Order with a large number of Control Lines on a single PO.

leaf_iconBOM Import

BOM Import is now MFG Import. Scroll down to MFG Import for more information.


Simplify stock counts with CompleteCount. Perform a count using either Stock Tags and Excel Import.

leaf_iconConsulting Toolkit

A collection of Admin tools (Stored Queries, Virtual Triggers, GP Report Extender), and a complete set of SQL Management Tools inside GP.

leaf_iconEngineer to Order

Create a Manufacturing Estimate by building a estimation BOM. Accept the Estimate to create a GP Manufacturing Bill of Materials and Routing, and new Item Numbers on-the-fly.


EZImport (Sales & Purchasing) simplifies retaining historical data from a legacy system.


A collection of over 100 enhancements for Dynamics GP covering nearly every part of GP. The collection ranges from Alerts, to Login Monitor, to Sales Pro, and much, much more.

leaf_iconItem Process Tracking

Create an electronic checklist, or data entry form, to capture Item-related data each time the Item is received on an RMA, or produced by an MO, or received on a Purchase Order. IPT Data Forms can be attached to ten different GP transactions that touch inventory.


The easy way to generate Barcode Labels from Dynamics GP. Print labels from Sales Entry, Purchase Orders, Manufacturing Orders, and even SmartList.


A complete manufacturing suite for Dynamics GP. Unique features include multiple inputs/multiple outputs on one MO, disassembly/reverse manufacturing, and manufacturing without a Bill of Materials.

leaf_iconMFG Data Archive

Speed-up Dynamics GP Manufacturing, and reduce database size, by archiving manufacturing data.

leaf_iconMFG Import

BOM Import and Routing Import make Manufacturing integrations easy. Import multiple, exploded BOMs at one time, from one Excel spreadsheet.  BOM Import can also create new Items on-the-fly with its integration into WilloWare’s Item Copy.  Routing import can bring in routing notes from Excel, and populate the routing based on OpCodes.

leaf_iconMFG PowerPack

MFG PowerPack is a collection of over 50 enhancements for Dynamics GP Manufacturing (along with a few for Field Service). A few of the most popular modules are Capable To Promise Inquiry, MO Document Types, Sales Forecast Integration, and Vendor Pricing.

leaf_iconMO Generator

MOGenerator provides a suite of Manufacturing Integration Utilities that create MOs, create sub-assembly MOs, reschedule MOs, and create and post MO Receipts.

leaf_iconPreactor Integration

Provides a two way integration between Dynamics GP Manufacturing and Preactor’s Finite Capacity Scheduling software.

leaf_iconSOP-POP MultiLink

SOP-POP MultiLink provides flexibility in linking between back-ordered Sales Lines and Purchase Orders.


Attach spell-checking to string and text fields in Dynamics GP. Works with both the desktop and web clients.