What our customers are saying:

“We have a highly customized process and we were very reluctant to jump into installing a new customization that we desperately needed.  After researching and talking with the Willoware team we understood the depths of their knowledge and were optimistic that we were in great hands.  Their team has proven time and again that they are the experts in designing a product specifically for their customers.  They listen intently to what we need and use their talents to develop a product that works flawlessly. ”

Bonnie Tonsager, Millborn Seeds Inc., Brookings, SD www.millbornseeds.com


“The best Dexterity based developers we have ever met! The whole customization process is handled in a thoroughly satisfying manner. From specification development to delivery/cost estimate to the QA guarantee. It’s a pleasure to work with WilloWare.”
Peter Kelly, Principal with Manufacturing Resource Partners, LLC    www.mrpconsulting.com


“I wish every third party we used for Dynamics GP was as responsive and proactive as the folks at WilloWare. We are running the GP PowerPack for 2010 and have made a couple of suggestions for enhancements. We had the additional enhancements within days, working perfectly and even the documentation was updated. I really appreciate it!”
Dave Ahalt, Consultant at Royal Purple    www.royalpurple.com


“After the dust settles on 2011, we would like to pursue other WilloWare offerings. Again, thanks for your outstanding support!”
Mary Dickey, Customer with Central Ink Corporation   www.cicink.com


“These are SOOOO COOOL!!!”  [Regarding Alerts in GP PowerPack]
Nancy Phillippi, Consultant with Custom IS   www.customis.com


“It is great having custom code that works!”
Dawn Prigmore, Senior GP Applications Specialist with Advanced Integrators   www.advancedintegrators.com


“WilloWare are true professionals in their work, and they understand the urgency in a “users” environment. I know they have many clients, but they always make us feel like our company is the most important.”
Marsha Dwyer, Customer with BoGar Enterprises   www.bogarenterprises.com


“Your programming knowledge of the Dynamics GP manufacturing and service series is unequaled.  The customizations you do are lowest cost and the best quality due to this knowledge.  I’ll never hire a programmer as long as you are in business.”
Dan Abernathy, Managing Director, Manufacturing Resource Partners, LLC   www.mrpconsulting.com


“Thank you very much for that [Site to Bin] utility, it was a god send.  It moved just under 4 million items in under 1 hour!!!”
Paul Edwards, Customer in Tewkesbury, United Kingdom


“Your stuff just plain works.  You changed my mind about doing custom code.”
F.B., Reseller in Manfield, MA


“We simply installed it, decided that it works, and haven’t thought much about since then.”
R.G., Customer in Jamestown, ND


“Willoware has been our go-to for custom code. As a growing food manufacturer our needs have changed throughout the years, and we always go back to WilloWare when we need something. They understand manufacturing and what we need. If you need quality, correct code that gets delivered on time, I highly recommend them!”
Amy Collins, Customer with Meadowvale   www.meadowvale-inc.com


“Do all of your custom projects look like this?  This looks just like packaged software.”
J.W., Consultant in Tampa, FL


“I talked to probably 20 different developers before I found you.  You were the only one who had any idea on how to solve this.”
C.M., Reseller in Dallas, TX


“Because of the EDI830 software we now have more visibility into the global purchasing purchasing trends of our customer than they do.”
S.S., Customer in Wyoming, IL


“I continue to be a huge WilloWare fan and your kindness is part of the reason.”
Kate Durnin, Consultant with Tribridge   www.tribridge.com

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