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GP PowerPack Tweaks

GL TWEAK: Account Copy/Paste

GL TWEAK: Auto-fill Distribution Reference

GL TWEAK: Auto-fill Distributions

GL TWEAK: Copy UDFs during Mass Modify-Copy

INV TWEAK: Allow IV Discontinue

INV TWEAK: Item Class User Defined

INV TWEAK: Lock Item History Fields

INV TWEAK: Remove Bins Fix

PM TWEAK: PM Apply Zoom – Zoom to Document

PM TWEAK: PM Inquiry-Bank Rec Link

PM TWEAK: Prompt to Add PURCH Acct to Vendor

PM TWEAK: Relabel Process Button as RUN

PM TWEAK: Select Checks/Build Pay Defaults

PM TWEAK: Select Checks/Build Pay Status Message

PM TWEAK: Unmark Select Checks/Build Pay Boxes

PM TWEAK: Vendor Approval

POP TWEAK: Allow SO Commitments

POP TWEAK: Auto-Close Child Windows

POP TWEAK: Calculate Release Date

POP TWEAK: Duplicate Items Warning

POP TWEAK: Lock Last Cost

POP TWEAK: Lock PO Costs

POP TWEAK: Non-Inventory Password

POP TWEAK: Non-Inventory Unit of Measure

POP TWEAK: PO Receipt Type Control

POP TWEAK: Prevent Non-Inventory Items

POP TWEAK: Prompt to add Non-Inventory Items

POP TWEAK: PURCH Distributions by Line

POP TWEAK: PURCH Distributions Override

POP TWEAK: Require PURCH Accounte

POP TWEAK: Sync PO Lines to SOP

RM TWEAK: Applied Status

RM TWEAK: Cash Receipt Report

SOP TWEAK: Auto-Apply Return to Copied Invoice

SOP TWEAK: Auto-Close Child Windows

SOP TWEAK: Auto-Fill GL Reference

SOP TWEAK: Auto-Open Customer Detail

SOP TWEAK: Auto-Set Qty to Backorder

SOP TWEAK: Cancel Drop-Ship

SOP TWEAK: Clear Default Site

SOP TWEAK: Credit Limit Alert

SOP TWEAK: Customer PO-Check for Duplicate

SOP TWEAK: Customer PO-Require Unique

SOP TWEAK: Customer PO-Required

SOP TWEAK: Display Ship Weight In Title Bar

SOP TWEAK: Document Detail Inquiry Document Zoom

SOP TWEAK: Document Tail Voids Asterisk

SOP TWEAK: Duplicate Items Warning

SOP TWEAK: Email History

SYSTEM TWEAK: SmartList Tools



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