MFG PowerPack Where Used Inquiry

Where Used Inquiry displays the position of any component in a graphical, multi-level, indented bill of materials.

  • All parent items that contain the component are displayed
  • The bills are exploded to the level containing the component, which is clearly marked

MFG PowerPack QuickWIP

QuickWIP provides simple WIP data recording when manufacturing is set up to use Backflushing.  Even though you may be backflushing labor and machine time, you still might want to track progress on the MO–When did a sequence start?  When did … more...

MFG PowerPack MO Split

MO Split breaks a Manufacturing Order for a large quantity into any number of MOs of smaller quantity.

  • MO Split divides one large order into smaller orders that fit better with work center capacity.
  • The split MOs are still linked

MFG PowerPack MO Document Types

MO Document Types provides the ability to have unlimited Manufacturing Order document numbering sequences maintained by Dynamics GP.

    • MO Document Types enables creating a Document Type (such as “PROTO” for prototype manufacturing orders) and a Document Number (such as “PROT0001”).

    MFG PowerPack BOM Type Security

    BOM Type Security provides control over access to Bills of Material at the User ID – BOM Type level.  Restrict access to Engineering BOMs to engineering users, and Manufacturing BOMs to production users.  If a user attempts to access a … more...

    Preactor Integration

    Preactor Integration is a flexible integration utility which connects Preactor’s finite manufacturing scheduling software to Dynamics GP Manufacturing.

    • Define unlimited export formats to support multiple planners, or multiple facilities
    • Include additional information in the export that is useful for planning,

    MFG Data Archive

    MFG Data Archive is a utility that moves historical Dynamics GP Manufacturing data to an archival company database.

    A typical Advanced Management installation with GP Manufacturing will have about 2000 SQL database tables in a company database.  Nearly 25% of … more...


    LeanMFG is a complete manufacturing suite for Dynamics GP specifically designed for smaller manufacturers, and those whose processes include disassembly, batch, and multi-product production.  Targeted for the Business Essentials customer, LeanMFG provides flexibility and ease-of-use that appeals to all users.  … more...

    BOM Import

    BOMImport for Dynamics GP Manufacturing is a Bill of Materials integration utility designed to make it easy to perform regular imports and updates to Bills of Material from an external file (Excel).

    The Import Mapping utility allows mapping all of … more...