Item Process Tracking

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Item Process Tracking (IPT) is a configurable data collection template which can be attached to any Item-Transaction combination in Dynamics GP.

IPT is designed to address the need to record specific information about an item, or a process on or with the item, when that item is used on a specific type of transaction.  For example, it can be used when receiving an item on a Service RMA to record the condition of the returned item and several return process steps.  Or, IPT might be used when receiving an item on a Manufacturing Order to record a post-production checklist.  IPT could also be used during Sales Invoicing to record that packing/prepping steps were completed.


The “set of data fields” to be collected and “steps to be completed” for an item on a GP transaction are collectively called a Data Sheet.  A Data Sheet is similar to an Excel workbook with a list of fields to be filled-out.  A Data Sheet is defined for a GP Transaction (such as a PO Receipt), and assigned to an Item.

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The transaction types are supported:

  • Inventory Adjustment / Variance
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Manufacturing Component Issue
  • Manufacturing Order
  • Manufacturing Receipt
  • PO Receipt
  • RMA (Service Module)
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Return

When a transaction is created with an Item that has a Data Sheet, IPT generates an empty Data Record (a “worksheet” used to record the information).

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The Data Record is an IPT “transaction” for recording needed on the Item’s Data Sheet.

IPT also supports Workflow Routings, which direct new Data Records to a specific user for data collection, and can also forward the completed Data Record to a second user for review.