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SpellCheck for Dynamics GP provides spell-checking on any Note, Comment, Text or String field in GP and 3rd party products.  SpellCheck can be attached to any text entry field in the application, and it works in the Web Client. 

Use SpellCheck to check spelling on:

  • Notes & Comments attached to Customer Invoices
  • Notes & Comments attached to Purchase Orders
  • Routing Instructions in Manufacturing
  • Sales Email Detail Entry (check those emails BEFORE they go out!)
  • Any other text/string field in Dynamics GP!

SpellCheck integrates with Microsoft’s Cognitive Services* web-service to provide the intelligence behind the application.


SpellCheck can be added to any string or text field in GP.  Above it is performing spell-checking on a Note.  When spelling mistakes are detected, it prompts to correct this mistakes (you might want to skip spell-checking if you want to save the Note as-is).



The text is automatically corrected, and the list of corrections displayed in the Corrections window.  This window gives end-users an opportunity to suggest that words be added to the Company Dictionary.


The Company Dictionary window is used to manage Suggestions and the Dictionary.  The Suggestions list tracks words suggested by end-users from the Corrections window, and gives an administrator an opportunity to accept or reject the suggestions.


The Company Dictionary contains a list of words that are unique to your business.  For example, you may have industry-specific terminology that SpellCheck detects as spelling mistakes.  Adding these words to the Company Dictionary will allow SpellCheck to learn those words and NOT correct them in the future.

SpellCheck is $100 per site per year.  Click here to buy SpellCheck now.

WilloWare’s SpellCheck uses Microsoft Cognitive Services  (Bing Spell Check API) to provide spelling correction.  Microsoft’s Spell Check API currently supports only U.S. English (en-US). Other English locales such as British English (en-GB), Canadian English (en-CA), Australian English (en-AU), New Zealand English (en-NZ), and Indian English (en-IN) plus Chinese and Spanish will be added in the near future.

*The text understanding capability of SpellCheck uses Microsoft Cognitive Services. Microsoft will receive data that you upload (via this app) for service improvement purposes. To report abuse of the Microsoft Cognitive Services to Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft Cognitive Services website at //www.microsoft.com/cognitive-services, and use the “Report Abuse” link at the bottom of the page to contact Microsoft. For more information about Microsoft privacy policies please see their privacy statement here: //go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=521839.