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EZImport solves the problem of how to retain data from a legacy system so it can be referenced from within Dynamics GP, while avoiding the time and expense to import “real” historical transactions.

While it is possible to convert legacy data and migrate it into GP, this can be very time consuming and expensive. To ensure a migrated transaction is accepted by GP, many key fields need to be mapped from the old system to the new system. For example, here are just some of the records that need to already exist in GP to import a Sales Transaction:

  • Customer Numbers
  • Address Codes
  • Payment Terms
  • Salespeople
  • Territories
  • Item Numbers
  • Units of Measure
  • Location Codes

What makes importing historical data difficult is that these key fields are validated by GP—an Item Number on the transaction must exist in GP or the GP Maintenance Utilities can kick out the imported record.

EZImport provides tables, windows, and SmartList objects that mirror “live” GP transactions, but without validating any of the key fields. For example, a Sales Transaction can be imported that contains a Customer Number and Items that do not exist in GP. It provides a place to store legacy information for reference and reporting, without needing to carry-over legacy master records and setup, or going through the difficult process of re-mapping data. The EZImport Inquiry windows are identical to the GP Inquiry windows.

SQL DTS/SSIS can be used to dump mass amount of historical data into the EZImport tables in a very short amount of time. Since all of the EZImport tables allow null values (they have default values specified), you only need to import into the fields you need.  This greatly simplifies importing data since normal GP tables require that a value be provided for every field in the table.

EZImport creates SQL views that join the GP Open and History tables together with the EZImport tables so that a comprehensive view is obtained that covers legacy data and new transactions.  SmartList Builder objects installed by EZImport provide access to this legacy data, with one click access to view records in GP or EZImport windows.

Using EZImport can turn a painful data migration project that takes days or weeks, into just a busy afternoon!

EZImport is currently available for:

  • Sales Transactions
  • Purchase Orders

Coming soon:

  • Manufacturing Order