Fun With Color Settings

Color Settings (in GP PowerPack), is (a) Awesome and (b) Free!  It provides the ability to for users to edit their own settings, and for admins to apply a company-wide setting.  With access to 26 user-interface elements, and 17 colors, … more...


Microsoft Dynamics GP Troubleshooting

Sometimes things go wrong.  Is it something you can resolve yourself, or do you need expert help?  Where do you start?  There are as many troubleshooting techniques as there are unique problems.  Here we provide some … more...

Scheduling MOGenerator


MOGenerator provides a number of useful Manufacturing integration utilities, such as the ability to create MOs, reschedule MOs, create child-MOs, and receive MOs.  Collectively these utilities will be referred to as MOGen in this post.

MOGen can be run … more...

Dynamics GP Report Extender

We just released (06-FEB-2017) an exciting new feature in Consulting Toolkit called GP Report Extender (GP-REX).  GP-REX adds Report Writer functions that allow retrieving data from any table in the database.

A quick internet search on “Dynamics GP Report Writer” … more...

glpBatchCleanup Error

Dynamics GP tracks activity, such as having a Transaction window open or posting a transaction, in two System Database (i.e. DYNAMICS) tables:

SQL NameDexterityDescription
SY00800SY_Batch_Activity_MSTRBatch Activity
SY00801SY_ResourceActivityResource Activity

Just opening the GL Transaction Entry … more...

WilloWare Stock Portfolio 2016-11

At the beginning of this year we started an internal project to gather information about our customers.  We knew that, in general, we had quite a few customers in manufacturing and distribution, but we had not ever attempted to define … more...