About WilloWare Development Services

We have created over 1100 custom projects for customers around the globe, working together with their Dynamics GP partners.  It is that vast amount of experience that allows us to deliver every one of them on time, on budget, and with a high level of quality.  We have repeatedly seen the beneficial effects of targeted, customer-specific enhancements.  When such a project is designed to support your company’s business processes, it can increase efficiency, reduce errors, and provide the ability to offer a service level to your customers that differentiates you from your competitors.

Many people treat Dynamics GP like an expensive typewriter.  Information is typed in, and documents are printed out.  However, you can make it work FOR you and WITH you.  In the “Series” sections under the Development tab, we have provided hundreds of real-life sample projects.  Each one provides an example of a company either adding new functionality to GP to support something they do, or make GP automatically support and enforce their business processes.  We hope these examples will give you a good feel for the level of attention we put into each project, and perhaps also encourage you to think about the ways in which GP might better work FOR you.

There are several characteristics that we feel make us unique, and especially suited to craft a custom project for you.

Our developers are business people first, and developers second.  We know GP inside and out.  Often, some of our first questions to you will explore whether or not you have tried to use all of the functionality available in GP before attempting customization, or if you have thought of using it in a different way that may better suit your needs.

We document thoroughly.  We document your request, the proposed solution, and every single change.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we use a screen mock-up tool to help everyone involved visualize the solution.



The first deliverable you will receive will be a detailed Design Specification, with pictures!  We will work with you to review the document to ensure we all have a shared understanding of (1) what the need is, and (2) what the solution will accomplish.

We refer to our “custom” projects as Product For One.  Each project comes with detailed online documentation (online help), an automated installation & upgrade routine, and a strict adherence to GP User Interface Guidelines (published by Microsoft).  This is the same level of “fit and finish” that we put into our ISV products.

We offer Upgrade Assurance.  Just like Annual Enhancement fees for Dynamics GP, our Upgrade Assurance relieves the most common worry about custom code–that it will cause headache and agony when it comes time to apply service packs or upgrade GP.  We will worry about that for you, and the code will be ready to download when you need it.

We create a secure, online project portal for you so you can always download your code, get the documentation, or check the change history file, whenever you want.

Lastly, all of our projects are done on a fixed-bid basis, so you will know exactly how much it will cost, up-front.

Please contact us to start a conversation about your Product For One!