LeanMFG Release 2018-12-03

V12.1.36 / 14.1.25 / 16.1.15 / 18.1.7
* Disassembly: Changed how the disassembly routine calculates output quantities for the original raw materials. Previously it calculated a ratio of the Qty To Disassemble divided by the Original Qty To Build from the MO Header. The the MO was for 10 and you disassemble 5 it would consume half of the raw materials. This calculation did not account for changing the Output Quantity (i.e. you planned to make 10 but only produced 9). Now the disassembly routine calculates the ratio using the Qty to Disassemble and the Output Quantity.
* Posting: adjusted rounding performed in the Outputs calculation to account the Functional Currency Decimal Places issue (see notes for previous release, and also //willoware.com/functional-currency-decimals/).
* NEW: The Installer will now allow installing new builds on a client without requiring all users to be out of the system. Going forward, “running the install” inside GP will only be required when the Major or Minor Version Numbers change, but it will not be required with each Build Number change (12.0.35 is Major 12, Minor 0, Build 35). The module will still disable itself on a Client PC if it has an older Build.