MFGPowerPack 2023-05-31

Release Date: 31-MAY-2023
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MFG PowerPack Build: 12.220
* Serial Number Mass Entry: fixed issue that would cause the window to reject serial numbers in the following scenario–Component serial numbers are issued to a manufacturing order on an … more...

MFGImport 2023-05-24

Release Date: 24-MAY-2023
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MFG Import Build: 3.66
* Routing Import: (1) added Excel file zoom button, (2) fixed issue with importing notes where some non-alphanumeric characters were stripped from the note (3) Now display “Done” or “Error” … more...

MOGenerator 2023-05-19

Release Date: 19-MAY-2023
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MOGenerator Build: 4.122
* MOGenV2: Changed timing of when MOP-SOP links are created so that it occurs immediately after adding a record to WO010032. This ensures that the MO is linked to the SOP … more...

MOGenerator 2023-05-10

Release Date: 10-MAY-2023
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MOGenerator Build: 4.121
* MORI Excel: fixed issue where it was not automatically setting the ImportBOM/ImportRoute flags when the file contained multiple receipts of the same MO (#202300630)… more...

MFGPowerPack 2023-05-02

Release Date: 2-MAY-2023
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MFG PowerPack Build: 12.218
* SVC Equip Suite: (1) Equipment Customer Change now works with the RMA Receiving window, (2) In the RMA Line Serial Numbers window when the software detects that the SN … more...

MOGenerator 2023-02-20

Release Date: 20-FEB-2023
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MOGenerator Build: 4.115
* MOGenV2: (1) fixed issue in EditAllowed function that caused it to always return false, (2) fixed issue with the ApplyChanges routine that incorrectly returned an error that the End Quantity … more...

MOGenerator 2023-01-17

Release Date: 17-JAN-2023
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MOGenerator Build: 4.113
* MORI: changes to accommodate “SQL Server Native Client Communication link failure”. Since GP can no longer communicate with the server when there is a network failure it is not possible … more...

GP PowerPack 2023-01-07

Release Date: 7-JAN-2023
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
GP PowerPack Build: 7.164
* Updated API Key (see //
* Bank Deposit Filters: NEW- Added Deposit Slip Preview window that shows a list of only the cash receipts marked for deposit.

The new … more...

MOGenerator 2022-12-06

Release Date: 6-DEC-2022
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MOGenerator Build: 4.111
* MORI: “Check for Shortages”–fixed an issue in this routine that was not accounting for phantoms and therefore giving an inaccurate “picklist shortage” error when non existed. (#202201984)… more...