GP PowerPack Release 2019-02-14

V12.1.130 / 14.1.73 / 16.1.41 / 18.1.13 Changes
* UPDATE: POP-Tweak: Purchasing Distributions Override–previously contained “PURCH Distributions Override” and “PURCH Distributions By Line”. In this release the second is split out into a separate Tweak (POP-Tweak: Purchasing Distributions By Line). … more...

GP PowerPack Release 2017-06-29

V12.0.110 / 14.0.53 /16.0.21 Changes
(1) Bin-to-Bin Xfer: (a) addressed registration issue that caused the Bin-to-Bin Transfer Inquiry window to be active when multi-bin was not enabled, (b) addressed issued that caused the Bin-to-Bin Inquiry window to open for non-Bin-to-Bin … more...

GPPowerPack Release 2017-03-21

V12.0.105 / 14.0.48 /16.0.16

  • U of M Change Utility: addressed issues that could cause the following tables to not update correctly: IS010210 (Mfg Shipping History Line), MOP1210 (MOP_PickDoc_Line), IV00104 (Item Kit Master), IV00106 (Item Purchasing).  Picklist now updates for all

GPPowerPack Release 2017-01-27

V12.0.102 / 14.0.45 /16.0.13

  • Extended Lot Attributes: fixed ‘unknown identifier’ error in Lot Attribute Maintenance when returning to the Lot Entry window in LeanMFG (#20170370).
  • New Tweak: PM Apply Zoom-Zoom to Document
  • Updated WW Internal Resources
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PM Apply Zoom to Doc

The Payables … more...