MFG Data Archive Release 2018-06-20

V12.0.24 / 14.0.15 / 16.0.10 / 18.0.1
* First GP2018 Release
* Added new tables to the archive. If an MO has already been archived using a prior build, the archive routine will “catch up” on the new tables the next time the archive utility runs. The new tables are:
MOP1004 – MOP_MO_Variance_Material_Hist
MOP1006 – MOP_Item_MSTR_Qty_Var
MOP1009 – MOP_WIPCostChanges
MOP1012 – MOP_MO_Variance_Material_Hist_STD
MOP1015 – MOP_WIPOverrideHist
MOP3000 – MOP_Variances
* New Archive Processor window: a new bulk copy archive routine achieves a significant decrease in the time required to archive MOs.
* New locally installed PDF documentation, and context sensitive CHM help