Blanket PO

Price $3000 Demo Manual

Blanket PO for Dynamics GP provides the ability to create a Blanket Purchase Order with a large number of Control Lines* on a single PO.

With Blanket PO you can:

  • Specify a Control Amount (or Quantity) for the Blanket PO
  • Control individual Releases by a Release Minimum (Amount or Quantity)
  • Control which Items are allowed on the Blanket
  • Control which users can enter/edit the Blanket Control Values, which users can enter/edit Control Lines, and which users can enter/edit Releases


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The Blanket Release window has an easy to navigate treeview showing each Control Line, all of the Releases, and the Shipments or Invoices linked to each Release.

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Additional benefits include:

  • Create one PO with a large number of Control Lines*
  • Create Planned Releases which are visible to MRP
  • Create Firm Releases to send to the Vendor
  • Print or reprint Purchase Orders by Release Number

*The Dynamics GP Purchase Order can have a maximum of 32,767 total lines (Control plus Release lines).

The Planned Release Wizard can automatically calculate and create a large number of releases (shown below).   It can either create releases using a specific Release Quantity for each release, or it can evenly distribute the total Control Quantity over a certain number of releases in a given time frame.