GP PowerPack 2021-03-30

Release Date: 30-MAR-2021
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
GP PowerPack Build: 5.152
* BE-Bank Deposit Filters: The Save, Clear, Delete, Post and Print buttons are now locked while the Advanced Filters window is open. This addresses an issue where the deposit number … more...

MOGenerator 2021-03-26

Release Date: 26-MAR-2021
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MOGenerator Build: 3.99

* MOGen status table: update frequency increased so that time/date stamp updates with each MO processed rather than each processing “loop”.
* Fixed issue with registration key that prevented MORI – … more...

LeanMFG 2021-03-06

Release Date: 6-MAR-2021
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
LeanMFG Build: 3.49
* MOEntry: Adjusted calculations performed when allocating costs to multiple outputs to improve accuracy when percentages extend to 5 decimals. The calculation change affects allocation by Quantity, Shipping Weight, and Fixed … more...

MFG PowerPack 2021-02-26

Release Date: 25-FEB-2021
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MFG PowerPack Build: 7.169
* Vendor Pricing: (1) Added option to use Future Price Lists. Disabled by default so normal functionality is not affected. When enabled, Vendor Pricing will pull pricing from a future … more...

LeanMFG 2021-02-22

Release Date: 22-FEB-2021
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
LeanMFG Build: 3.48
* MOEntry: (1) changed behavior of Output QTY field for Lot Controlled items. Previously if a Lot Number had been entered for the Output QTY, and the QTY was subsequently changed, … more...

GP PowerPack 2021-02-11

Release Date: 11-FEB-2021
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
GP PowerPack Build: 5.151
* INV Tweak-Stock Calendar Years: Microsoft released a fix for the Stock Count Calendar window but it only covers GP2016 and GP2018. Our Tweak addresses the same issue for GP2013 … more...

MOGenerator 2021-01-29

Release Date: 29-JAN-2021
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MOGenerator Build: 3.98
* NEW – MOGenV2 – A new comprehensive MO integration utility that provides the ability to Create new MOs, Rebuild Picklists, Reschedule MOs, add MOP-SOP Links, as well as to update/change … more...

GP PowerPack 2021-01-15

Release Date: 14-JAN-2021
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
GP PowerPack Build: 5.150
* Cash Receipt Report: (1) Created alternate versions of the reports that are formatted for emailing from the GP Print window. (2) Added support for printing the Cash Receipt report … more...

GP PowerPack 2020-12-23

Release Date: 23-DEC-2020
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
GP PowerPack Build: 4.147
* Shortage Inquiry: addressed issue that caused a SQL error when processing shortages for transactions (like an Inventory Adjustment) with hundreds of lines on the transaction. The change will also … more...