GP PowerPack 2020-12-23

Release Date: 23-DEC-2020
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
GP PowerPack Build: 4.147
* Shortage Inquiry: addressed issue that caused a SQL error when processing shortages for transactions (like an Inventory Adjustment) with hundreds of lines on the transaction. The change will also … more...

MFG PowerPack Release 2020-07-14

V12.4.158 / 14.4.105 / 16.4.71 / 18.4.32 / “GP Next” 13-JUL-2020
* PowerATP: addressed issue in MFG Picklist requirements calculation that incorrectly calculated quantity in base (#20204564)
* Vendor Pricing: added check for Inactive items to prevent Vendor Pricing Inquiry … more...