GP PowerPack Release 2019-11-11

V12.3.142 / 14.3.85 / 16.3.53 / 18.3.25 / (GP Next)
* idModifier: addressed issue that prevented marking lines as “deleted” to prevent them from being included in the update.
* SOP Rules: (1) NEW: added “Location Default by Document ID”. This Rule automatically sets the Sales Transaction Entry Location Code based on the Document ID. (2) Added navigation to access the SOP Rules Setup window from the main GP PowerPack Setup by double-clicking on “SOP Rules*”. (3) The option to lock the Location Code field that is available with the three different SOP Rules that default the Location Code was previously only applied to the Sales Transaction Entry scrolling window. It now also locks the Location Code on the Item Detial Entry window. (4) Previously the SOP Rules functionality was always enabled if a Rule had been defined, regardless of whether or not SOP Rules was marked as “enabled” in the main GP PowerPack Setup window. All SOP Rules functionality now enables/disables based on the Setup checkbox.