GP PowerPack Release 2019-11-01

V12.3.141 / 14.3.84 / 16.3.52 / 18.3.24 / (GP Next)
* idModifier: added support for maximum SQL table and field name length of 128 characters.
* LoginMonitor: (1) Added new functionality called Reserved Seats, which allows reserving a certain number of logins per User Class. For example, the User Class ADMIN could have 2 seats reserved. If the total user license count is 30, reserving 2 will make GP behave as if there are only 28 seats available for non-ADMIN users.
* Full Installation is required. (1) Creates the new Reserved Seats table (W5026LogMonSeats). (2) IDTables (W5026IDTables) is dropped and re-created with different columns. Data is not migrated, so idModifier IDs need to be recreated.

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