MFG PowerPack Release 2019-11-19

V12.2.152 / 14.2.99 / 16.2.65 / 18.2.26 / “GP Next”
* SmartParts: Addressed issue with the interaction between SmartParts and Item Copy was causing SmartParts to not increment the auto-incrementing segments (#20198595)
* PowerATP: Holds column now shows the yHold indicator for Purchase Orders, Manufacturing Orders, Picklists, and Service Calls, in addition to Sales Transactions.
* NEW MFG Tweak: Purchase Request Resolution Goto MRP Workbench. Adds a menu item to the Goto button on the Purchase Request Resolution window that provides access to the MRP Workbench window. MRP Workbench will open with the Item-Site Restriction set based on the row selected in the PRR window.

The new Tweak adds a “Workbench” item to the GoTo button on Purchase Request Resolution.