MFG PowerPack SmartParts

Price $2000 Manual

SmartParts is a “logical” ID Number generating tool to assist users in creating ID Numbers where each segment of the ID Number has coded meaning.  For example, an Item Number might consist of several segments with each segment representing different attributes of the item.  CU-RD-12 could be Copper, Round, 12″ pipe.

SmartParts allows creating an unlimited number of Masks, each having up to 30-segments, with a list of defined codes for each Segment.  A Mask is the set of Segments and Codes used to create a particular type of ID Number (such as Metal Pipe).  The user creates a new ID Number by selecting from the list of Codes for each Segment within the type of ID Mask they are using.

SmartParts creates ID Numbers for Item Numbers, Customer Numbers, Vendor Numbers, and WennSoft Job IDs.  The SmartParts Lookup available in Sales and Purchase enables retrieval of complex part numbers by selecting coded segments from drop-down lists.