Agile Transportation Software Integration

Summary of Requirement

CME Co. sells interconnecting materials for the semiconductor and electronics industry. Their products are sold worldwide, and some of the products are considered hazardous material.

These two characteristics (international shipments of hazardous materials) create unique requirements for shipping. A shipment may pass through a freight forwarder, and a number of different shipping documents can be required based on the method of shipment and destination country.

ACME Co. looked at many of the common freight rate calculation packages that integrate with GP, such as Starship and vShip, but none of them could fully support their needs.

Agile Network’s Transportation Management Solution ( has software that meets all of ACME Co.’s needs. ACME Co. will be using the Agile Pack, Ship, Export, Hazmat, and View solutions. Agile does not have an integration to GP, and there is additional information Agile needs about a shipment that GP does not currently have the ability to store.

Pick Tickets are printed from GP with a barcoded Order Number. A user scans this document into Agile to perform the pick and pack. Agile also performs a pick verification during the packing process where the user scans each item that was picked, before packing it, and Agile confirms the correct item/quantity were picked. When the user indicates packing is complete, Agile will go to the GP database and retrieve the order information needed to calculate freight and print the required shipping documents.

On a daily basis a user will execute a process from Agile that sends freight information back into a table in the GP Company Database.

ACME Co. needs to add to GP the ability to store the additional shipping and freight information needed by Agile, and provide a way for GP to update the freight amount based on information provided by the Agile software.

Also, since the Agile system will use only the Shipping Method and Ship To Address on the Sales Transaction Header, to avoid user confusion ACME Co. would like to lock those fields on the Sales line so that they user cannot edit them.

Design Specification

View design specification DS0482