Assembly Serial Linking

Summary of Requirement

ACME Co. has a new product being released that is going to affect how they create configurations in service. Currently they are using the MO Serial Linking to build configurations. This new product has serial numbered components in a purchased assembly and these serial numbers need to be included in the configuration. Since the assembly is purchased, the component serial numbers never hit GP inventory and are not on a MO.

ACME Co. needs an Assembly Linking function to add to the current MO Linking results. The Assembly Linking window will need to allow the user to specify the MO number and top-level serial number and then populate a list of non-GP components that require linking. ACME will create a MFG BOM that will be used as the basis for the Assembly Serial Linking.

The linking structure may go like this:

Top Finished Good: On MO

  • 1st level Component: On MO and linked via MO linking.
    • 2nd level Component: On MO and linked via MO linking.
      • 3rd level Component: On PO and linked via MO linking
        • 4th Level Component: SN never in GP and linked via Assembly Linking

The user needs to be able to enter or change the ComponentSN up to the point where the Top Finished Good SN is sold.

Design Specification

View design specification CR0439