Automated Product and Freight Discounts

Summary of Requirement

ACME Co. has an existing Sales Discount module which calculates Product Discounts and limits customers receiving Product Discounts unless a dollar threshold has been met on the Sales Document. They would like to add additional functionality, including Freight Discounts into the enhancement, as well as provide for the ability to easily upgrade the enhancement as they upgrade to the next version of Dynamics GP. Therefore, WilloWare will be recreating the entire enhancement.

The general rules of ACME’s Sales Discount enhancement are as follows:

1. Product Discount thresholds are defined by Customer Class.

2. Product Discount eligibility is defined by the Item Class and Price Level.

3. Freight Discount thresholds are defined per Company database.

4. Freight Discount eligibility is defined by the Item Class and Price Level

5. If a Customer receives a Product Discount because they have met the Product Discount threshold OR if any Sales Line has been updated to reflect a decrease in the Customer’s Price List’s standard price, then the Customer does NOT receive a Freight Discount.

6. If the Sales Document subtotal meets a Freight Discount threshold and there are NO Product Discounts on the order then the Customer will get a Freight Discount percentage off of the Sales Order subtotal, but only up to the Actual Shipping Amount.

ACME utilizes Starship software in their shipping process. The Starship software is used to populate the Freight field during either the GP Sales Order or GP Sales Invoice stage. So, if the Freight field was populated on a Sales Order the information must be transferred to the Sales Invoice. At times, ACME uses Starship solely at the GP Sales Invoice stage.

Design Specification

View design specification DS0647