BlanketPO Prior Builds

V12.0.30 / 14.0.19 / 16.0.5 Changes 8-DEC-16

  • Fixed issue that could cause the PO window scrolling buttons to retrieve an BPO when in Regular mode, or a Regular PO when in BPO mode (#20167030)

V12.0.29 / 14.0.18 / 16.0.4 Changes 21-JUL -16

  • Fixed issue where PO would a regular PO would print blank after having (1) printed a Blanket to screen and then (2) emailed it.  Printing would be normal after restarting GP.
  • Blanket Printing: Select Release window now sort releases numerically rather than alphabetically.

V12.0.28 / 14.0.17 / 16.0.3 Changes 14-JUL -16

  • Changed method of enabling/disable BPO functionality to address issue where a high-volume user periodically prints a blank Blanket, which is resolved by restarting GP (#20164197)
  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V12.0.27 / 14.0.16 / 16.0.2 Changes 5-JUL -16

  • Fixed issue with calculation of Control Quantity when using Control Qty By Line that caused the Quantity Remaining to be shown as negative (#20164197)
  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V12.0.26 / 14.0.15 / 16.0.1 Changes 2-JUN -16

  • Updates for GP2016 (v16) release
  • GP2010 (v11) support & development discontinued

V11.0.25 / 12.0.25 / 14.0.14 Changes 16-APR-16

  • Qty On Order: fixed issue where PO Release entry was not correctly updating the Qty On Order (i.e. as seen on Item Qtys Maintenance) when the PO Line was not in the Base U of M.  This issue caused the On Order Qty to even run negative.  Running Inventory Reconcile on the affected items will reset Qty On Order to the correct value.
  • PO Release Entry: added Promised Ship Date to the planned releases window.

V11.0.24 / 12.0.24 / 14.0.13 Changes 1-APR-16

  • Update WW Internal Resources

V11.0.23 / 12.0.23 / 14.0.12 Changes 9-MAR-16

  • Close PO routine now automatically moves the PO to history

V11.0.22 / 12.0.22 / 14.0.11 Changes 29-JAN-16

  • NEW: Blanket PO Control SettingsPlease review documentation for important changes in this release.  Control Settings (total cost or quantity) can now be set for the entire Blanket PO.  This release requires new Security Setup to grant users access to the ability to enter PO Control Settings, to enter Control Lines, and to enter Release Lines.
    • IMPORTANT: This release requires new security setup before any of the BPO navigation will appear on the Purchase Order Entry window.  Review the SETUP section of the manual before installing this release so you are prepared to perform the security setup.
    • IMPORTANT: DO NOT INSTALL this build until you have read the manual so you are familiar with the new functionality.  Existing Blanket PO’s will continue to work as they did before.
  • Fixed issue when printing Control Lines where they would either not print, or after printing the PO Status failed to return to Status = NEW.
  • Fixed issue with BPO report temp tables (W7319BPORptHdr and W7319BPORptDtl) where the Detail table did not populate when printing Control Lines, but would populate for releases.
  • Fixed issue caused by PO Enhancements.  When PO Approvals was enabled it interfered with BlanketPO controls which prevent editing/viewing a BPO in the normal PO Entry window.

V11.0.21 / 12.0.21 / 14.0.10 Changes 30-DEC-15

  • Fixed error in FillReleaseDropDown which causes a “table not found” error on POP10110 (20152522).

V11.0.20 / 12.0.20 / 14.0.9 Changes 7-DEC-15

  • Added check for a condition which could cause a duplicate key error on the setup detail table (20152252)

V11.0.19 / 12.0.19 / 14.0.8 Changes 3-DEC-15

  • Printing a BPO now populates two temp tables (W7319BPORptHdr and W7319BPORptDtl).  These tables can be used when creating a custom PO report so the report will print the Release selected by the user.

V11.0.18 / 12.0.18 / 14.0.7 Changes 3-NOV-15

  • The treeview on PO Release Entry and PO Release Inquiry now includes another level below each Release to show PO Receipts linked to the Release line.
  • A new Setup option provides the ability to include the Release Number in the PO Line Item Description field.  This makes the Release Number easily visible in all POP windows & reports, and SmartList.

V11.0.17 / 12.0.17 / 14.0.6 Changes 17-AUG-15

  • PO Comments: fixed issue that caused PO Comments to not display on both regular and blanket POs
  • Control Total: fixed issue that caused Control Total to not display in the title bar in some circumstances
  • Setup: when enabling BPO, added check to ensure Encumbrance Management is not installed.

V11.0.16 / 12.0.16 / 14.0.5 Changes 21-APR-15

  • Fixed issued with Release Entry that could allow a user to exist the window without committing a release
  • Release Entry window changes: (1) added icons in the treeview to show PO line status, (2) clicking a treeview line restricts the Planned Releases window to the selected planned release, (3) changed Released Number field to a drop-down to provide quicker navigation with a large list of releases, (4) added a GoTo to access POP Document Inquiry

V11.0.15 / 12.0.15 / 14.0.4 Changes 5-FEB-15

  • Fixed issue that prevented the Blanket PO functionality from turning off

V11.0.14 / 12.0.14 / 14.0.3 Changes 27-JAN-15

  • Fixed issue that caused a Control Line to not print after changing the cost.
  • Fixed issue that prevented printing Control Lines until a Release Line was added.

V11.0.13 / 12.0.13 / 14.0.2 Changes 20-JAN-15

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V11.0.12 / 12.0.12 / 14.0.1 Changes 22-DEC-14

  • Updates for GP2015
  • Fixed issue with Printing Control Lines where planned releases would appear on the report.
  • GP version 10 discontinuation of development & support

V10.0.22 / 11.0.11 / 12.0.11 Changes 12-DEC-14

  • Fixed issue that caused Qty On PO in Item Inquiry to not update correctly.
  • Added ability to change Site ID on release lines
  • Added display of the Control Line Extended Cost Total to the PO Entry title bar.

V10.0.21 / 11.0.10 / 12.0.10 Changes 29-OCT-14

  • Fixed issue with POPPOEntry_Save trigger registration on GP2013R2

V10.0.20 / 11.0.9 / 12.0.9 Changes 26-SEP-14

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.19 / 11.0.8 / 12.0.8 Changes 27-AUG-14

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Fixed issue on GP2013 that prevented Control Line Status from changing to CANCELED when line was complete.

V10.0.18 / 11.0.7 / 12.0.7 Changes 16-JUL-14

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.17 / 11.0.6 / 12.0.6 Changes 12-NOV-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Installation now creates a Security Role, in addition to the Security Task, and assigns the Task to the Role
  • Installation can now be run as DYNSA
  • Fixed: Clicking X on Setup window rather than clicking Save caused with it not be able to open again during same session
  • Fixed: Blanket PO Number increments when clicking save or printing
  • New: added Totals at bottom of release window
  • Fixed:  Unit Price did not lock when Blanket Line is controlled by quantity
  • Fixed:  clicking Print for a Blanket with no Releases leaves the Select Release window open.
  • New: Always show control line dollars remaining on the Release window
  • New: New installations can set the Control Line Increment (spacing between control lines).

V10.0.16 / 11.0.5 / 12.0.5 Changes 30-AUG-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.15 / 11.0.4 / 12.0.4 Changes 31-JAN-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.14 / 11.0.3 / 12.0.3 Changes 27-JAN-13

  • Converted to use web-based help documentation
  • Added additional controls on Misc, Freight and Tax fields.

V10.0.13 / 11.0.2 / 12.0.2 Changes 24-JAN-13

  • Added support for “zoom to Blanket PO” so the window opens in Blanket PO mode

V10.0.12 / 11.0.1 / 12.0.1 Changes 20-JAN-13

  • Major rewrite for GP2010 and GP2013 upgrade
    • Removed requirement for a custom BP PO Numbering sequence
    • Added ability to print using core GP PO Forms
    • Enabled Control by Cost functionality
    • Added Report Writer integration to print Release Num

V10.0.9 Changes 12-JAN-11

  • Updated for multi-currency.
  • Change revisioning so Rev will stay at 0 until a change is made after the first item is Released.

V10.0.8 Changes 18-APR-10

  • Control PO Line Status will only change to Canceled if sum of received Release lines = Control Line.

V10.0.7 Changes 8-FEB-10

  • Could not change required dates on release lines if PO line status was Change Order.
  • Fixed bug when receiving PO lines from PO.

V10.0.6 Changes 27-JAN-10

  • The receiving process was cancelling the release lines.

V10.0.5 Changes 26-JAN-10

  • Release Numbers were maxing out at 10.
  • Fixed Posting issue.

V10.0.4 Changes 4-JAN-10

  • PO Line Note wasn’t creating a unique Note ID for each release line.

V10.0.3 Changes 10-DEC-09

  • Locked the PO Type field on Blanket PO Entry.
  • Blanket PO was getting stuck in a loop when a Canceled PO is entered.
  • Changed Control Line Numbers to increment by 1000.
  • PO Revision now increments when PO lines change.

V10.0.2 Changes 30-NOV-09

  • Disabled Print Button on Blanket PO Entry.
  • Removed planned release lines from PO Select window.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Control Line quantity from being decreased.
  • Fixed bug that would not allow the user to scroll to the next open release line.
  • Canceled Control Lines when all releases are received.

V10.0.1 Initial release 20-NOV-09