BOMImport Prior Builds

V12.0.34 / 14.0.17 / 16.0.5 Changes 22-OCT -16

  • Added validation step to prevent importing duplicate Position Numbers

V12.0.33 / 14.0.16 / 16.0.4 Changes 30-SEP-16

  • Alternate Item import: fixed issue that caused the Alt Item field to be overwritten with the Alt Item BOM Seq field.

V12.0.32 / 14.0.15 / 16.0.3 Changes 1-SEP-16

  • Updated WW Internal Resources (#20164825, #20164898)

V12.0.31 / 14.0.14 / 16.0.2 Changes 20-JUN-16

  • Fixed Create BOM Lines routine which was incorrectly setting the QTYBSUOM to 1 rather than the conversion to base from the UofM Schedule.

V12.0.30 / 14.0.13 / 16.0.1 Changes 31-MAY-16

  • Updates for GP2016
  • GP2010 (v11) support discontinued
  • Added check that the cell provided to GetMap is valid, and can be retrieved from Excel (#20163317), and is not locked (#20162692)
  • Added check to LoadFile that Excel is installed (#20163165)

V11.0.32 / 12.0.29 / 14.0.12 Changes 19-APR-16

  • Added ability to create/re-create a routing during the BOM import by proving a “routing template item”.
  • Fixed duplicate key error when moving BOMs to history and the BOM Lines History table contains a REV_LEVEL_SEQ value that does not exist in the BOM Hdr History table (#20161077)
  • Added validation on Source File field to validate a manually entered filename exists (#20160305)
  • Added error checking on all Excel functions to prevent errors when user is running an unlicensed copy of MS Office (#20160432)
  • Convert strings to upper case
  • Fixed error in the validation steps that caused ENG BOM sub-cat to be set to MFG BOM during the import

V11.0.31 / 12.0.28 / 14.0.11 Changes 1-APR-16

  • Update WW Internal Resources

V11.0.30 / 12.0.27 / 14.0.10 Changes 29-FEB-16

  • Added additional error checking when attempting to open a spreadsheet for import
  • Added additional error checking when retrieving Cell in GetMap

V11.0.29 / 12.0.26 / 14.0.9 Changes 25-FEB-16

  • Changed the routine that creates new Items from Templates so that there can be a single template column in the import file.

V11.0.28 / 12.0.25 / 14.0.8 Changes 26-JAN-16

  • Added routine to ignore multiple instances of the same subassembly in an import file so it only builds the BOM the first time it encounters the subassembly. This prevents an issue where the import would continue re-adding the same components to a subassembly BOM for each time it was listed in the import file.

V11.0.27 / 12.0.24 / 14.0.7 Changes 7-JAN-16

  • Updated Import routine to use current Excel Max Row Limit (1,048,576)

V11.0.26 / 12.0.23 / 14.0.6 Changes 8-OCT-15

  • Added additional validation on Source Column map to ensure on only valid column identifiers are used

V11.0.25 / 12.0.22 / 14.0.5 Changes 13-AUG-15

  • BOM Import: (1) fixed hard-coded BOM Line change date to use system date, (b) added check to prevent duplicate key error if mapping/import file would result in duplicate BOM Headers

V11.0.24 / 12.0.21 / 14.0.4 Changes 19-MAY-15

  • Added Map validation routine to ensure required fields are mapped

V11.0.23 / 12.0.20 / 14.0.3 Changes 11-MAY-15

  • Changed “new map” routine so that it automatically opens the Setup Options window.
  • Added CEIP

V11.0.22 / 12.0.19 / 14.0.2 Changes 31-DEC-14

  • Fixed issue preventing import of Super BOM

V11.0.21 / 12.0.18 / 14.0.1 Changes 19-DEC-14

  • Updates for GP2015
  • GP version 10 support & development discontinued

V10.0.8 / 11.0.20 / 12.0.17 Changes 24-NOV-14

  • Fixed issue that caused Setup options to be read incorrectly, causing BOMImport to skip the BOM Rev Level validation during import. This could result in multiple entries in the BOM Revision History table (BM010416) for the same Rev Level.  This issue was introduced in v 11.0.10 / 12.0.7 when the option to update the Item Engineering Rev was added.

V10.0.7 / 11.0.19 / 12.0.16 Changes 26-SEP-14

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.6 / 11.0.18 / 12.0.15 Changes 17-SEP-14

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.5 / 11.0.17 / 12.0.14 Changes 16-JUL-14

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.4 / 11.0.16 / 12.0.13 Changes 18-FEB-14

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Added support for integrating Reference Designators

V10.0.3 / 11.0.15 / 12.0.12 Changes 7-OCT-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Added support for Configured BOMs

V10.0.2 / 11.0.14 / 12.0.11 Changes 27-SEP-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Fixed issue with Site ID validation that returned an incorrect row number.
  • Fixed issue with Component Template Item validation that caused it to always check for a child BOM

V10.0.1 / 11.0.13 / 12.0.10 Changes 26-SEP-13

  • Created downgrade build on v10
  • Added check to ensure correct version of MFG PowerPack is also installed before running the import

V11.0.12 / 12.0.9 Changes 30-AUG-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V11.0.11 / 12.0.8 Changes 7-JUNE-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Fixed issue with Item Eng Rev update where it was incorrectly setting the default value as an integer.

V11.0.10 / 12.0.7 Changes 21-MAY-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Import now handles negative component quantities, and multiple entries of the same component item number at the same BOM level. Added new Setup Option to update the Item Engineering Rev Level to match the imported BOM Rev Level.

V11.0.9 / 12.0.6 Changes 8-MAY-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Import routine was incorrectly setting CPN SubCat to zero when the CPN had a Child Template Item.

V11.0.8 / 12.0.5 Changes 30-APR-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V11.0.7 / 12.0.4 Changes 29-APR-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Installation can now be done using DYNSA
  • SetDefaultUofM procedure was not correctly controlling for nulls. It now inserts blanks.  A new error checking routine now validates the results of the DefaultUofM procedure and reports errors.

V11.0.6 / 12.0.3 Changes 10-APR-13

  • BOM Cat Setting which identifies a default BOM Cat when none is provided, was overriding BOM Cat constants provided in the mapping or the source file.
  • PPN Template Make/Either check was using the wrong constant (‘buy’ instead of ‘either’), so it was incorrectly reporting Item Engineering errors.

V11.0.5 / 12.0.2 Changes 12-MAR-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Revisioning BOMs: fixed issue where the “revision existing BOMs” feature could generate a duplicate key error.
  • Import Map: added Source field validation

V11.0.4 / 12.0.1 Changes 4-FEB-13

  • Initial Release