CompleteCount Prior Builds


V12.0.21 / 14.0.11 / 16.0.4 Changes 1-SEP -16

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Value Code Update: fixed duplicate key error caused by entering low value for range that returns no records (#20164354)

V12.0.20 / 14.0.10 / 16.0.3 Changes 8-JUL -16

  • Installation routine was not granting exec permissions on wfnSiteAcct (#20164224)
  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V12.0.19 / 14.0.9 / 16.0.2 Changes 20-JUN -16

  • Fixed window name on the Tolerance Management window

V12.0.18 / 14.0.8 / 16.0.1 Changes 16-JUN -16

  • NEW: added support for count tolerance controls and expanded Value Code assignment (replaces ABC codes with A-Z codes).
  • Updates for GP2016 release
  • GP2010 development and support discontinued

V11.0.26 / 12.0.17 / 14.0.7 Changes 5-APR-16

  • Fixed error in Lot Reconciliation routing (ReconLotsNotCounted) (#20161437)
  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V11.0.25 / 12.0.16 / 14.0.6 Changes 1-APR-16

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V11.0.24 / 12.0.15 / 14.0.5 Changes 18-DEC-15

  • Stock Tag Entry: when entering information for a Blank Tag, added control to prevent entering multiple lines for the same Site-Bin combination on one tag.
  • Tag Serial/Lot Entry: added ability to edit Lot Attributes on existing lots, and add attributes for new lots
  • Excel Link: (a) added export of mfg/exp dates, and the lot attributes. Import routine will read these additional columns for NEW lots and create a Lot Attribute record and set mfg/exp date, (b) added options to include/not include Captured Quantity in the export, and to automatically create new Sites/Bins with the Import.
  • Lot Numbers: if the Count adds a new Lot Number (new to GP), it will automatically create a Lot Attribute record (if the Tag Lot Attributes were entered)
  • Serial Numbers: added auto-transfer routine to move SN into the site-bin where they were counted. This addresses a GP issue where you cannot count a serial in a different site/site-bin than where GP has it.  The new routine will find SN that were counted in a different location than where they exist in GP, and automatically transfer them into the correct location, and update the Stock Count captured quantity accordingly.
  • Tag Reporting: (a) added ability to run reports against multiple Counts at the same time, (b) window can now be resized
  • Tag Submission Wizard: (a) only reports allocations if the Counted Quantity is less than the Captured Quantity.

V11.0.23 / 12.0.14 / 14.0.4 Changes 18-MAR-15

  • Excel Link: fixed error in data validation routine when multi-bins is enabled

V11.0.22 / 12.0.13 / 14.0.3 Changes 4-MAR-15

  • Over-Allocation Report-fixed issue when running the report with multi-bins enabled
  • Added Item Description and Item Class to the reports.
  • Excel Link: (a) Import/Export now uses Excel rather than CSV, (b) Import does not create tags for zeros
  • CompleteCount now uses EXCEL (*.xls, *.xlsx) files. It no longer supports CSV.  Brackets around string fields is no longer required (or supported).  There are no invalid character restrictions.

V11.0.21 / 12.0.12 / 14.0.2 Changes 4-FEB-15

  • Added setup option to allow overriding allocations.

V11.0.20 / 12.0.11 / 14.0.1 Changes 22-DEC-14

  • Updates for GP2015 release
  • GP version 10 development & support discontinuation

V10.0.24 / 11.0.19 / 12.0.10 Changes 26-SEP-14

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.23 / 11.0.18 / 12.0.9 Changes 17-SEP-14

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.22 / 11.0.17 / 12.0.8 Changes 2-AUG-14

  • Fixed issue when submitting tags where the Stock Count Serial/Lot Variance would not be updated resulting in a serial/lot variance error on the Stock Count Entry Exception Report.

V10.0.21 / 11.0.16 / 12.0.7 Changes 16-JUL-14

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.20 / 11.0.15 / 12.0.6 Changes 12-MAR-14

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Removed Alternate Key from StockTagHx

V10.0.19 / 11.0.14 / 12.0.5 Changes 12-DEC-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Excel Link: when an imported file contains errors, in addition to printing the error report, a warning message will display reminding the user that NO count was imported, and that the errors must be fixed and the file re-imported.
  • Excel Link: added a new report that prints during an Export if any of the string values (Item Number, Location Code, Bin) had commas, quotes, or brackets removed. The String Map report shows the original value in GP and the Exported Value.  Mapped String will be converted back to the original value during the import.
  • Excel Link: added new window (String Map) to view/add/edit/delete records from the mapping. This can be used to manually add maps if Items are added to the excel file during the count and those items have commas or quotes.
  • Submit Tags: added a check when marking a Count to submit that verifies the count contains counted items. If not, it warns the user that submitting the count will zero all items on the count.
  • Submit Tags: fixed issue where Document Date and GL Posting Date were not being set to User Date.

V10.0.18 / 11.0.13 / 12.0.4 Changes 30-AUG-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Implemented web-based help documentation

V10.0.17 / 11.0.12 / 12.0.3 Changes 4-MAY-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Installation can now be run under DYNSA
  • Stock Tag Setup: added two new setup options: Lock Auto-Post and Prevent Edit in Stock Count Entry. This separates functionality that previously was always enabled when Stock Tags was enabled, so that now auditor controls can be activated separately from enabling the module.

V10.0.16 / 11.0.11 / 12.0.2 Changes 26-FEB-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Excel Link: added tracking of imported files to prevent duplicating imports.

V10.0.15 / 11.0.10 / 12.0.1 Changes 29-OCT-2012

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Stock Tag Reports: added new reports–Over Allocations, Counted Lots Over Allocated, Uncounted Lots Allocated, and Uncounted Serials Allocated
  • Stock Tag Submission: added new error checks to see if allocations will prevent the submitted count from posting. Over-allocations must be addressed before Tag Submission can proceed.
  • Stock Count Entry: added ability to delete a line (Remove an Item-Site or Item-Site-Bin from the count).
  • Stock Count Schedule: added “Next Count Date Reset”, which prevents the Next Count Date from being updated when the Count is submitted. This ensures that regularly scheduled cycle count frequencies are not overwritten by an annual complete physical.
  • Stock Count Filters: add several search/restriction criteria to both the Stock Count Schedule and Stock Count Entry windows to help quickly locate specific items.

V10.0.14 / 11.0.9 Changes 30-APR-2012

  • Fixed issue where excel files were locked when exporting to one workbook per site.

V10.0.13 / 11.0.8 Changes 16-MAR-2012

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.12 / 11.0.7 Changes 30-DEC-2011

  • Stock Tag Submit: if GP had split a lot number into multiple lines, the total lot count from tags was being entered on every instance of the lot. The Submit process now correctly applies the total count to one instance of the lot and zeros the others.

V10.0.11 / 11.0.6 Changes 2-NOV -2011

  • XLLink: all strings in the export file must now be surrounded by brackets: [ and ]. This was done to allow use of Item Numbers containing apostrophes, which was previously used to indicate a “string” for excel.
  • XLLink: a new validation routine now checks all incoming data before attempting to record the count.
  • Tag Entry: a “delete” button has been added next to the Item Number to allow clearing the item number if the wrong number was used.
  • Tag Submission process: if any errors are encountered the window will force the user to close the window and restart.
  • Tag Setup: the next tag number can be set manually to allow use of pre-printed forms.

V10.0.10 / 11.0.5 Changes 17-SEP-2011

  • Added Tag User Defined Fields
  • Added Tag Lookup on Tag Entry and Tag Inquiry

V10.0.9 / 11.0.4

  • Removed alternate key on Stock Tag History table that was causing errors moving tags to history
  • Added trigger registration handler for logging in/out of Report Writer

V10.0.8 / 11.0.3

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Added report for “Items On Count Not On Tags”, that shows items on the Stock Count that are not recorded on any of the tags.
  • Fixed issue with report output to Excel

V10.0.7 Changes 29-OCT-2010

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Added SQL Safe strings to all pass through SQL
  • Changed capitalization in pass through SQL to account for case sensitive databases.

V10.0.6 Changes 20-NOV-09

  • XLLink was not able to correctly parse strings that include commas. Export function now strips commas and creates a mapping table of source to “clean”.  Import references the mapping table to convert back to source string.

V10.0.5 Changes 21-OCT-09

  • Final release of Excel Link

V10.0.4 Changes 1-APR-09

  • Changes to TagSubmit process
  • Fix: The GP Stock Count module was incorrectly grabbing the “Bin” from Item Quantities Maintenance, then treating that as a real bin (as if multi-bins were enabled). The TagSubmit process now clears the BinNumber field from the GP Stock Count before submitting the tags.

V10.0.3 Changes 18-Dec-08

  • Added new multi-company installer
  • Renamed tables. Data will migrate automatically during the installation process.
Table OldName NewName
StockTagPrints WCC10310 W5241110
StockTagPrintsHx WCC30310 W5241310
StockTagQtys WCC10303 W5241103
StockTagQtysHx WCC30303 W5241303
StockTagSerLot WCC10304 W5241104
StockTagSerLotHx WCC30304 W5241304
StockTagsSubmitted WCC10300 W5241100
StockTagsSubmittedHx WCC30300 W5241300
StockTags WCC10301 W5241101
StockTagsHx WCC30301 W5241301
StockTagSetup WCC40000 W5241400

V10.0.1 Changes 30-Apr-2008

  • Initial Release