CompleteCount Release 2019-02-10

V12.1.38 / 14.1.28 / 16.1.21 / 18.1.11 Changes
* Tag Submit Routing – Lot Reconciliation: a new routine “allocates” the total counted quantity of a Lot Number across the available receipts of a Lot Number (assuming there are multiple receipts of the same Lot Number). Previously the module attempted to “consolidate” split receipts by putting all of the counted quantity onto one lot receipt record and zeroing the others. The new routine eliminates the potential to create a cost variance even through the total count matches the captured quantity. It handles the valuation methods as follows:
** LIFO: it counts forward from oldest receipt to newest so any shortages come out of the most recent recent (the LIFO receipt)
** FIFO: it counts backwards from newest receipt to oldest so any shortages come out of the oldest receipt (the FIFO receipt)
** AVG is treated like FIFO
* Tag Submit Routine now uses ‘User Date’ instead of system date.
* Tag Submit window UI update