CompleteCount Release 2019-08-31

V12.1.40 / 14.1.30 / 16.1.23 / 18.1.13 / (GP Next)
* “GP Next” Compatibility Release
* WW Internal Resources Update
* Setup: Changed “Enable Stock Tags” to “Enable CompleteCount”
* Value Code Update: Addressed issue that prevented the “Clear Value Code if Item has no Usage/Quantity” from clearing the Value Code from all items without Usage/Quantity. When this option is marked, the update routine will first clear the Value Code from ALL Item-Site records in the selected site, then repopulate the Value Code based on the analysis performed in the Value Code Update window.
* Documentation: updated the documentation in all locations where it references the Value Code setting to provide more information about this field and how it is used.
* Start No Item Count: A new Additional Menu option has been added to the Stock Count Schedule window that allows start a count that contains no Items. This may be used when recording counts in Excel. The Excel Import will add “new” items to the count during the import process.