Customization CR1061 Change Orders

Customization CR1061

Change Orders

Problem Definition:

Acme uses GP Project Accounting, and Change Orders (CO) to make updates to the Baseline and Forecast Budget amounts.

When they enter a CO, the same updates need to be performed to BOTH the Baseline and Forecast. Since the CO window can only update Baseline OR Forecast, users often forget to create a second CO.

The initial request from Acme was to have the posting of a Baseline CO automatically update the Forecast. WilloWare investigated this approach and found that the CO transaction is quite complicated, and attempting to duplicate posting a “Forecast” CO would not be a cost-effective approach.

The preferred and cost- effective option is to provide a method of requiring the user to enter both CO’s so that Baseline and Forecast are always updated together.

Design Features:

The “Forecast CO” routine will be triggered when:

  • The PROCESS button is clicked
  • A Baseline CO is displayed
  • The Status = Approved

The Forecast CO routine will automatically start a new CO for a Forecast change. As shown below, the Contract Number from the Baseline CO will load automatically, a new CO Number will generate, and the Baseline CO Number will be entered in the Description field.

The DELETE button will be locked, and also the Description field. Locking the Description prevents accidentally changing the “linked” Baseline CO Number.

Additionally, a log table will track the following information:

  • Baseline CO Number
  • Created by User, Date & Time
  • Forecast CO Number
  • Created by User, Date & Time


The functionality described above is intended for the GP Desktop client.

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