Customization CR1069- Auto-Fulfill SOP Line from MO Receipt

Customization CR1069

Auto-Fulfill SOP Line from MO Receipt

Description of Need:

The normal Manufacturing Receipt posting process detects when an MO is linked to a Sales Line, and does the following:

  • It increases the Qty To Invoice on the sales line
  • It allocates the inventory in the GP Inventory tables

Additionally, ACME has Inventory Control set up to allow Adjustment, Variance and Transfer overrides, and SOP Setup allows Quantity Shortage overrides.

This leads to the following situation with serial numbered finished goods:

Sales Order 1 is entered before Sales Order 2. The MO for Order-1 is generated from SOP, and the MO Receipt is posted. This allocates inventory to Order-1, but does not FULFILL the line, so Serial #1 is still available.

When Sales Order 2 is entered, the shortage can be overridden, and Serial #1 selected for Order #2.

Even without the override scenario, if both MOs have been received, Order #2 can select the inventory produced for Order #1.

ACME would like the serial numbered inventory produced for a Sales Line to be both allocated AND fulfilled, so it is not available to other transactions.

Description of Solution:

There is no user-interface for this enhancement.

When an MO Receipt is posted, it will allocate inventory at the Item Number level, and will also fulfill each SOP Line with the Serial Number(s) produced by the MO linked to the SOP Line. This will:

  • Update the Qty Fulfilled on the sales line
  • Populate the SOP Serial/Lot table
  • Update the Qty Sold in the Serial Master table

The auto-fulfillment will ONLY occur when the MO Receipt is for a serial numbered finished good.

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