Customization DS0835 Return Item Number Swap

Customization DS0835

Return Item Number Swap

Problem Definition:

ACME has a integration into GP.  When a piece of equipment is pulled from a customer‘s home and returned, it is currently coming back into the system as the same Item Number used when it was sold.  This causes it to come back in with the cost associated with the original Item Number.  ACME needs to change the Item Number to a “Refurbished” Item Number, which has no cost (or a lesser cost). 

The sales Return makes use of Quantity Types (i.e. On Hand, Returned, Damaged, etc).  Only when the line is returning the quantity to the DAMAGED Quantity Type should the item number be swapped to the Refurbished Item. 

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Each sales line will return inventory to only ONE of the available Quantity Types (i.e. the entire returned quantity will be in either On Hand, or Damaged, but not split between both). 

At some point after the integration creates Sales Returns (Sales Transaction Entry), ACME needs a way to swap the Item Number on the Returns to “Refurbished” Item Numbers, and recalculate the documents.

Solution Overview:

The Refurbished Item Number will be stored as “Substitute Item 1” on the Item Maintenance Options window. 

A utility will be added to GP which a user can run to process all open (unposted) Sales Returns.  The utility will swap the Item Number to its Substitute Item, only when the Return Quantity is in the Damaged Quantity Type, update the Item’s Cost on the SOP line with the Cost from the Item Maintenance window, and recalculate the document. 

Design Features:

Recording Refurbished Item Numbers:

If an Item Number has a “Refurbished” Item Number, it will be stored in the Substitute Item 1 field, as shown below. 

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Refurbished Item Utility:

Navigation: Tools >> Utilities >> Sales >> Refurb Item Update 

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When the PROCESS button is clicked, the user will be asked:

“This utility changes Item Numbers to Refurbished Item Numbers 

On all unposted Sales Returns.  Continue?” 

If the user answers YES, the utility will: 

  1. Retrieve a list of all unposted Sales Returns.  For each Return: 
  2. Check if the document is currently open by another user.  If so, it will be reported on an Error Log at the end of the process.  If a document is open by another user, it cannot be updated, and will be skipped by the utility. 
  3. For each line on the return, it will check if the Returned Quantity is in the Damaged Quantity Type, and that the Item Number has a Refurbished Item Number in “Substitute Item 1”.  If so it will confirm that Refurbished Item 
  4. Has the same Unit of Measure Schedule 
  5. Has the same Quantity Decimals 
  6. Has the same Currency Decimals 
  7. Is assigned to the Site ID assigned to the Sales Line 
  8. Has the Price Level assigned on the Sales Line in its Price List 
  9. The Refurbished Item has a “Damaged” GL Account on Item Account Maintenance. 
  10. If any of the validations fail in Step #3, that Item Number will NOT be swapped.  It will be reported on the Error Log at the end of the process.  This will not prevent other lines on the same Return from being swapped. 
  11. If the validations pass in Step #3, the Item Number will be changed.  This will have the same effect as if the original Item Number had been deleted from the document, and the Refurbished Item Number added to the document using the same Quantity.  However, the Unit Price of the original Item will remain on the Sales Line. 
  12. The document totals and distributions will be recalculated. 

As documents are being processed, the Status Message at the bottom of the window will display the current document number. 


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