Customization DS1068 Always Backorder

Customization DS1068

Always Backorder

Problem Definition

Acme would like to be able to enter a Sales Order, and always have the quantity backordered, even if there is availability.

When they are ready to ship an order, they allocate the order and use the Separate Order Fulfillment process.

Solution Overview

A new Setup window will be created where Acme can specify which Order Type IDs should receive the “Backorder All” treatment.

When one of these Order IDs is used in Sales Transaction Entry, the quantity of all line items will always be forced to Qty to Backorder.

Design Features


Navigation: Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Acme Setup

The Order IDS listed here will be forced to always backorder the quantity entered on the order, regardless of available inventory.



Order ID

Enter a SOP Order ID, or select one from the Lookup.

Sale Transaction Entry

When a Sales Order is created, or an existing order is viewed, which has an Order Type ID entered in the Setup window, the following changes will be applied to the Sales Transaction Entry window.

  • The Quantity entered will be immediately set to Backorder, regardless of the availability of inventory for the Item.
  • The Qty Invoiced and Qty Fulfilled fields will be locked. For the specified Order IDs, Sales Transaction Entry will behave as if there is not any available inventory of the item, so locking these fields simply prevents a user from attempting to use them and getting quantity shortage warnings.
  • The Quantity Available field will still display the correct/true quantity available.


The functionality described in this document is intended for the Dynamics GP desktop client. Unless specified otherwise, all testing will occur in the desktop client only. Projects created in Dexterity should have a very high level of compatibility with the Web Client, but cannot be guaranteed without explicitly including additional time in the estimate for testing in the Web Client.

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