Customization DS1074 SOP Mass Update


DS1074 SOP Mass Update

Problem Definition:

ACME enters all Sales Order using a default site. The Order ID is set up to Allocate By = None. They have a large number of stores, and delivery personnel. To fulfill an order, it is transferred to invoice, and the Site (Store used to fulfill the order) and Shipment Method (Delivery person’s name) are changed on the Invoice.

ACME uses the Sales Orders Navigation List to select multiple Orders to transfer. The process of updating individual Invoices after the transfer is time consuming.

ACME would like a way to more easily and quickly change the Site (Store) and Shipment Method (Delivery person) during the transfer process.

Solution Features:

Update Sales Orders

After clicking the TRANSFER button in the Sales Orders Navigation List, the Sales Transfer Document window opens. The Update Sales Orders window will open automatically and position itself to the right of the Transfer window.

The window will display Orders where the Order ID has Allocate By = NONE. If any other documents are included in the transfer, they will not be displayed in this window.




Displays the Sales Order Number

Customer ID

Displays the Customer Number

Site ID

Displays the currently assigned Site ID (Default Site) from the Sales Order Header.

This field is a drop-down list which contains all available Site IDs. A new Site ID can be selected by choosing an option from the dropdown list.

Ship Method

Displays the currently assigned Shipping Method from the Sales Order Header.

The field is a drop-down list which contain all available Shipping Methods. A new Shipping Method (Delivery person) can be selected by choosing an option from the dropdown list.



Closes the window and applies changes.

The changes made to Site ID and Ship Method are applied to the documents. The values will be updated on the Sales Order Header, and on all Lines.

If necessary, new Item-Site records will be created.


Closes the window without making any changes to the Sales Orders.


  • The functionality described in this document is intended for the Dynamics GP desktop client. Unless specified otherwise, all testing will occur in the desktop client only. Projects created in Dexterity should have a very high level of compatibility with the Web Client, but cannot be guaranteed without explicitly including additional time in the estimate for testing in the Web Client.
  • Multi-Bins is NOT enabled
  • Inventory is not serial or lot tracked
  • ACME Overrides Shortages in SOP
  • Sales Kits are not used
  • Orders are set to Allocate By = NONE

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