Customization DS1150 PO Release Utility

Customization DS1150

PO Release Utility

Problem Definition:

ACME uses Dynamics GP with Nolan’s Intercompany POP-SOP module. Currently they automatically create PO’s which then need to be manually printed, which Releases the PO and triggers Nolan’s POP-SOP to create a Sales Order.

ACME would like to eliminate the time-consuming process of manually printing/releasing PO’s. They would like an automated utility that Releases PO’s and triggers the Nolan software.

Solution Overview:

WilloWare will create a utility that can be run un-attended (using a GP client) that will automatically Release Purchase Orders.

PO Release Utility:

Navigation: Tools >> Utilities >> Purchasing >> PO Release Utility

The PO Release Utility directly “releases” a New Purchase Order without printing the PO.



Run Continuously

In this mode, the utility will keep running until the STOP button is clicked

Run For/Hours

Enter the number of Hours. In this mode, once START is clicked, the utility will run for the specified number of hours, then stop and close GP.

PO Selection Query

The PO Release Utility will use the PO Selection Query to identify the next PO to release. The Utility will be hard-coded to only select PO Status = NEW (POSTATUS=1), so the Selection Query provides additional restrictions.

The Selection Query is free-text entry box and should only contain PO Header fields (POP10100). No check will be performed to control this, but inclusion of other tables/fields will cause an error when START is clicked.

When multiple PO’s are returned by the query, the Utility will take them in order by DEX_ROW_ID. This ensures that the oldest are processed first. Also, the Utility will check the DEX_LOCK table and skip a PO if it is in use.

See this link for information about setting up Windows Scheduler to run GP and the PO Release Utility automatically:


NOTE: For the PO Release Utility to work correctly, Nolan must be configured to print the NC_IOP_Audit_Trail_Report to file.


  1. The functionality described above is intended for the GP Desktop client.
  2. Reporting is not included in this estimate.

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