Customization DS1248 Certificate of Insurance

Customization DS1248

Certificate of Insurance

Problem Definition:

ACME needs to track which vendors must have a Certificate of Insurance and the Expiration Date of the Certificate. Additionally, when the Certificate expires, they need to have the Vendor automatically put on hold.

Solution Overview:

A new “Additional” window will be added to Vendor Maintenance which will be used to enter/maintain the Certification of Insurance Information.

A login routine will fire when the first user logs-in for the day. The routine will check for expired Certificates and put those vendors on hold.

Design Features:

Certificate of Insurance

Navigation: Vendor Maintenance >> Additional >> Cert. of Insurance

Text, table

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This window is used to enter/maintain/update a Vendor’s Certificate of Insurance information.



Vendor ID

Displays the Vendor ID from Vendor Maintenance. A Vendor must be displayed in Vendor Maintenance before the Certificate of Insurance window will open.

Cert. of Insurance Req.

Mark this box to indicate that the Vendor must have a Certificate of Insurance.

Expiration Date

Enter the expiration date of the Certificate of Insurance.

Vendor Hold

The first user to log-in to GP each day will trigger a routine that puts Vendors on HOLD if they are required to have a COI and its Expiration Date has passed (i.e. Expiration Date < today).

Graphical user interface, application

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  1. The functionality described above will not work with eConnect, any software that uses eConnect, or any software that directly writes to, updates, or deletes from SQL tables.
  2. The functionality described above is intended for the GP Desktop client.
  3. Unless otherwise noted in this document, reporting is not included in this estimate.
  4. Unless otherwise noted in this document, Word Template functionality is not addressed.

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