Dynamics GP Report Extender

We just released (06-FEB-2017) an exciting new feature in Consulting Toolkit called GP Report Extender (GP-REX).  GP-REX adds Report Writer functions that allow retrieving data from any table in the database.

A quick internet search on “Dynamics GP Report Writer” and “How can I add a field” yields pages of results.  This has been a frequent challenge with Report Writer for the entire history of Dynamics GP.  If a table is not already linked to the report, or a table linked to the report does not have relationships defined to the needed table, the is no way to get the data on to the report.

GP-REX solves this problem by providing Report Writer functions that execute SQL Stored Procedures.  The Report Writer functions pass parameters to the Stored Procedures where anybody proficient with tSql can code a query to retrieve the desired information.

Report Extension

Use GP-REX to:

Retrieve information from 3rd Party Products or customizations

Perform complex text manipulations (i.e. masking a SSN or Bank Account)

Perform complex calculations

Update other tables (since GP-REX is in SQL, you could have it add records to a table to track each time a report is printed, or make other updates to the database during printing)

Perform language translations (i.e. have column headers and item descriptions print in the Customer’s language)

Add amount paid, or a “Paid In Full” message, to an invoice

Think of GP-REX as Report Writer functions that are actually stored procedures.  It unleashes the capability of tSql  to accomplish any task* you want from a calculated field on a GP Report.

* By “any task” we mean anything you can do with tSql. 🙂

We at WilloWare are very excited to bring you this new tool that solves such a common problem.  Read more about it here: