Enhanced SOP-POP Linking

Summary of Requirement

ACME Co. has changed much of its sales cycle to a make-to-stock system. The current Order Management module was built for make-to-order and is not efficient for make-to-stock.

When an order is to be processed, ACME Co. uses spreadsheets and manual calculations to reserve on-hand stock and existing POs, then use the Order Management tool to create new PO’s for the remaining amount.

All available stock and open POs use the LPSCW site ID.

When on-hand stock is reserved, it is noted in a spreadsheet and after all PO’s are generated, an inventory transfer will be created to move the stock from LPSCW to the site on the SOP order.

When an existing PO line quantity (or partial quantity) is reserved, it is noted in a spreadsheet, and after the process is complete, the user will later update the existing PO line site ID, or, if the quantity is only part of the total PO line, the reserved amount is split into its own line. The reserved line is then linked to the SOP line.

After the quantities are tabulated into the spreadsheet, the user will split the SOP line so each line amount will be fully consumed by either stock, an existing PO, or a new PO (to be created in Order Management). For example a SOP line of 100 units split out to:

Line #1 – 10 units from stock

Line #2 – 50 units from existing PO1234

Line #3 – 10 units from existing PO1235

Line #4 – 30 units to be on new PO.

When the user opens the Order Management tool and clicks Process to open the Purchase Order Preview window, they then manually unmark sales lines that have been reserved.

A much quicker and more automated method to achieve this is desired. Full control over changing deciding if quantity will use existing stock or PO’s is still required.

Design Specification

View design specification CR0381