ETO Release 2019-01-09

V12.1.30 / 14.1.13 / 16.1.6 / 18.1.2 Changes
* Cost Rollup: Changed the routine so it only pulls Component BOM Type = 6 (Mfg Est BOM) and treats subassemblies coming from GP Manufacturing as “buy” items and pulls their cost from Item Maintenance (#20185960). Previously it was incorrectly including other BOM Types (i.e. MFG, ENG, etc), attempting to recalculate the cost but arriving at $0 becuase the BOM for the item wasn’t located in the ETO module.
* Delete Estimation BOM: the previous build’s change to separate Child Windows into separate Forms causeD the Delete routine to fail without deleting anything.
* Add Component: Addressed issue that would allow entering and saving invalid BOM information for a Component.
* Copy BOM Utility: Routing Name can now be provided when copying a GP Manufacturing BOM.