Fulfill SOP on MO Receipt


Fulfill SOP on MO Receipt

Problem Definition

ACME Co uses CRM to bring sales orders into GP, and if necessary, the process also generates a manufacturing order to produce the sales item. Currently, the standard MOP-SOP linking is used to allocate the inventory when the MO is posted, however since GP allocates the inventory based on the costing layer, the SOP cost is not always the same as the MFG cost. ACME Co needs a solution to ensure the cost on the Sales Order is equal to the cost of the product that was produced by the linked MO.

Design Features


ACME Co will implement Lot Numbers on their sales items so when the MO is posted, the lot number on the MO can be used to fulfil the linked sales order and ensure the correct costing layer is obtained.

The lot number to produce will need to be pre-assigned on the MO prior to posting.

WilloWare has a Lot Number Pre-Assign feature in MFG PowerPack that may provide the ability to auto-populate the Lot Number on the MO, which can be purchased separate from this this estimate. Testing may be required to ensure it will work with the CRM process.

Alternatively, ACME Co can pre-assign a Lot Number to the MO when it is integrated from CRM.

When the MO is posted, the pre-assigned Lot Number will be used to fulfill the linked sales order.

MFG Posting

The normal Manufacturing Receipt posting process detects when an MO is linked to a Sales Line, and does the following:

  • It increases the Qty To Invoice on the sales line
  • It allocates the inventory in the GP Inventory tables

This enhancement will also fulfill each SOP Line with the Lot Number produced by the MO linked to the SOP Line. This will:

  • Update the Qty Fulfilled on the sales line
  • Populate the SOP Serial/Lot table
  • Update the Qty Sold in the Lot Master table

When the SOP order is transferred to invoice and posted, the correct cost will be posted to the IV account and COGS.

NOTE: If no Lot Number was found to be pre-assigned to the MO then the enhancement will NOT fulfil the SOP line.

Manufacturing Order Receipt Entry Post Button

The enhancement will put a control on the Post button on the MO Receipt Entry window that will prevent posting if:

  1. There is a Lot Number pre-assigned to the MO and more than one lot number was selected in the MO Lot Number Entry window.
  2. There is a Lot Number pre-assigned to the MO and it does not match the lot number that was selected in the MO Lot Number Entry window.