GP PowerPack idModifier

Price $1500 Manual

idModifier is a utility for updating ID fields (strings) in the Dynamics GP Company database.  idModifier takes a novel approach in that it can be “trained” to update ANY string field, so it can handle updates beyond just the core Dynamics GP tables.  It can handle Field Service, Manufacturing, Human Resources, and Project Accounting.  It can also update 3rd Party Products and customizations.

The first step is to “training” idModifier by providing it sample data.  For example, to develop an Item Number modifier profile, you would have it search for representative samples such as “128 SDRAM”, “256 SDRAM” and “100 XLG”.  It searches ALL string fields in ALL tables in the company database looking for the sample data.

The ID Add window provides 1-click access to view data in a selected table.

When the update profile is complete it is ready to be used in idModifier.

The update process first confirms that the target new value (i.e. the “new” Item Number) does not exist in any of the update tables.  If it does not, the update proceeds, and if not, all errors are reported.