GP PowerPack Inventory Tweaks

 GP PowerPack Tweaks includes enhancements for all parts of Dynamics GP.  The Inventory Tweaks are:

  • Allow IV Discontinue: Enables setting the Item Type to Discontinued for all Item Types.
  • Item Class User Defined Fields: GP provides 6 “Item Category” fields that are defined at the Company level.  Item Class User Defined Fields enables set-up of the six Item Category fields on an Item-Class level so that different groups of items can have different Item Category fields with different sets of lookup values for each field.  GP provides Item User Category definition at the Company level, so all Items must have the same 6 User Defined Fields.  With Item Class UDF each Class of Items can have its own set of User Defined Fields.
  • Open IRP with Item’s Default Site: If a Default Site ID is assigned to an Item in Item Quantities Maintenance, when the Item is displayed in Item Resource Planning the window will automatically show information for the Item’s Default Site ID.
  • Lock Item History Fields: normally the fields on Item History are editable, which would allow an accidental change to historical inventory information.
  • Remove Bins Utility Fix: The GP Remove Bins utility is supposed to check if a bin is assigned as a Default Bin at the Item-Site level, and not remove the bin if it is a default bin. The utility does not perform this check, and removes bins assigned as default. The Remove Bins Utility Fix ensures the default bin check is performed.
  • Set IV Batch Post to GL checkbox: automatically sets the Post to GL checkbox on Inventory Batch Entry to ensure that batches are always posted through to GL by default.
  • Stock Calendar Years: The GP Stock Calendar window has a “years” dropdown list that only has years up to 2020.  The Stock Calendar Years tweak extends this to 2094.