GP PowerPack Release 2018-02-09

V12.0.118 / 14.0.61 /16.0.29 / 18.0.1 Changes 9-FEB-2018
* First GP2018 Release
* Extended Lot Attributes: added support for Assembly Transactions
* System Access Lock: (1) added DYNSA to the Always Allowed list, (2) added an additional login control to prevent users from accessing a locked database if there is one database or they have marked Remember Company.
* Select Checks Filters: changed how the Filter appends multiple values depending on the “Compare Option” is “Does/Is” or “Does/Is Not”. “Does/Is” will still append values with “OR”, such as Batch ID Begins with “A” or Batch ID Begins with “B”. “Does/Is Not” will now append values with “AND”, such as Batch ID Does Not Begin with “A” and Does Not Begin with “B”.
* Updated WW Internal Resources