GP PowerPack Release 2018-10-26

V12.1.126 / 14.1.69 /16.1.37 / 18.1.9
* NEW! TWK-SOP: Trade Discount Calculation-auto-calculates the Trade Discount field in Sales Transaction Entry. Installation creates an empty SQL Stored Procedure which is used by this Tweak to calculate the discount. The proc can be edited to add the custom business logic needed to perform the trade discount calculation to each customer’s specific requirements.
* NEW: The Installer will now allow installing new builds on a client without requiring all users to be out of the system. Going forward, “running the install” inside GP will only be required when the Major or Minor Version Numbers change, but it will not be required with each Build Number change (12.0.35 is Major 12, Minor 0, Build 35). The module will still disable itself on a Client PC if it has an older Build.
* BE-Checkbook Register Inquiry: In GP2016R2 and above the scrolling window, which was populated by the CM_Transaction table, is now populated using an identical temp table copy of CM_Transaction. Updated the BE-Checkbook Register Inquiry to work correctly for both tables.12