GP PowerPack Release 2019-02-14

V12.1.130 / 14.1.73 / 16.1.41 / 18.1.13 Changes
* UPDATE: POP-Tweak: Purchasing Distributions Override–previously contained “PURCH Distributions Override” and “PURCH Distributions By Line”. In this release the second is split out into a separate Tweak (POP-Tweak: Purchasing Distributions By Line). When Purchasing Distributions By Line creates the new distributions, it previously populated the GL Reference with the PO Line’s Item Number. A new setup option allows choosing to fill the Reference field with (1) Item Number, (2) Item Description, (3) Vendor Item Number, and (4) Vendor Item Description. If you currently have Purchasing Distributions Override, the new Tweak “Purchasing Distributions By Line” will be enabled automatically.