GP PowerPack Release 2020-06-12

V12.4.143 / 14.4.86 / 16.4.54 / 18.4.26 / (GP Next)
* Tweaks: (1) Remove “GL Reconcile to GL Date Validation”. This was addressed by Microsoft in GP2013. (2) “IVN Item Class User Defined”-made Class UDF Labels display on the Item Class window in addition to Item Maintenance (3) Remove “INV: Set IV Batch Post To GL Checkbox”. This was added by Microsoft in GP2010. (4) Relabeled the three “Select Checks” tweaks to “Select Checks/Build Pay”. (5) “PM: Vendor Approval” controls now applied both Payables Entry and Purchase Order Entry (6) Removed “RM: Customer Address UDF Labels”. This was added by Microsoft in GP2013. (6) “SOP: Cancel Drop Ship” tweak–addressed issue in the SOP-POP Cancels window that prevented deleting lines.
* idModifier: added option to bypass duplicates check