GP PowerPack SOP Auto-Select Bin

Price $1000 Manual

Eliminates the need to manually select bins in Sales Transaction Entry by automatically fulfilling an order from available inventory across multiple bins.  If Bin Priorities are specified for an item, bins will be used in order of priority, otherwise they are used in alphanumeric order.


The bin information on Item Site Default Bins determines how SOP Auto-Select Bins will move through the bins to allocate inventory.

  • If a Sales Order Fulfillment bin is present, that will always be used first for non-Serial/Lot controlled inventory. For serial/lot controlled inventory SOP Auto-Select Bins will use only the Bin Priority list, or Bins in Alpha-Numeric order.
  • If no Bins are entered into the Priority List, bins will next be selected in alphanumeric order.
  • If Bins are entered into the Priority List, bins will be selected in the order presented in the list (the #1 bin is selected first).