GP PowerPack System Tweaks

 GP PowerPack Tweaks includes enhancements for all parts of Dynamics GP.  System Tweaks covers a wide range of enhancements to GP, such as Note Locking, SmartList Tools, Cache System Password, and more.  The System Tweaks are:

  • Auto-Fill Distributions: Auto-fills the credit or debit amount with the remaining balance when entering a new distribution line.  Auto-Fill Distributions is available on GL Transaction Entry, Payables Transaction Entry, Payables Manual Payment Entry,   Payables Edit Payables Checks, Purchasing Invoice Entry, Receivings Transaction Entry, Purchasing Returns Transaction Entry, Receivables Transaction Entry, Receivables Cash Receipt Entry, and Sales Transaction Entry.
  • Cache System Password: Once a user has entered the System Password, it is remembered so that other system-level windows can be opened without having to re-enter the system password for each window.
  • Dynamics GP User Setup: Version 9 removed the ability to create User IDs that exist only in Dynamics GP. Some 3rd party products need Dynamics GP users, but the users do not need to exist on the SQL Server. This window returns the ability to create Dynamics GP users only.
  • iNet Info Button Highlight: Adds a visual indicator to iNet Info buttons to alert users when internet information exists.  The buttons turn yellow where there is internet information.
  • Login Controls: Set which Datasource a user can select, and lock it. Includes several other login related controls including defaulting the company in a multi-database environment.
  • Note Activity Locking: adds record-level locking and activity tracking to Notes.  When a second user attempts to open a note which is being edited by another user, they will receive a warning that the note is locked by another user, and the Notes window will be put into a “display only” mode.
  • SmartList Tools:YouTube_WatchADemo
    • SmartList Favorite Lock: adds the ability to lock, and password protect, any user created SmartList Favorite.  Prevents accidental changes to important SmartList Favorites, such as those used for exports.
    • SmartList Hide Treeview: toggles the treeview (navigation pane) in the SmartList window on or off so that the results pane can expand to take-up the entire SmartList window.
    • SmartList Favorite Keep Open: Keep multiple SmartList Favorites open at the same time.
    • SmartList Resize: create System-level and User-defined sizes which resize the SmartList window in a way that maximizes the results-pane while keeping the Treeview compact.
  • Window Note OLE Container: Attach documents, such as User Instructions, to each window in GP using the same OLE functionality available on Record Level Notes.