Granite and Marble Slabs

Summary of Requirement

ACMEco imports and sells granite slabs. Granite is shipped in a Bundle, which contains a number of Slabs granite where the total square footage contained in the Bundle is about 300 square feet. A Slab is approximately 126 inches by 54 inches, or about 50 sq ft, so there is usually about 6 or 7 Slabs in a Bundle. The between-Slab variation in dimensions can be about +/- 10 IN.

Most granite is imported, and a Packing Slip will be received about 3 weeks prior to receipt of the granite. The Packing Slip details the number of Bundles, Slabs, and the Slab Dimensions. The producer usually measures the Slabs in CM, so ACMECO needs to convert to IN, however some manufacturers do provide measurements in IN.

During receipt each Slab is measured. ACMECO tends toward using a “generous” measurement. The difference in measuring techniques between the producer and ACMECO usually results in a variance between the received quantity and what is on the Packing Slip.

ACMECO will have an Item Number for each type or style of granite, such as Classico or New Venetian Gold. It is further assumed that there will be a separate Item Number for each Thickness—so 2cm Classico has a different number than 3cm Classico.

The Item Numbers will be Lot Controlled, and the base Unit of Measure is a square foot (SQFT). There will be one Lot Numbered generated for each Slab. For example, if a Slab were received with 126×54 IN, LOT123 would appear in the system as having 47.25 SQFT On Hand.

Since a Lot Number is a “group” of square feet of granite, which is actually a single Slab, a key requirement is the ability to store the actual dimensions of the slab attached to the Lot Number. This requirement has effects that flow from PO receiving, to Inventory maintenance, through to Sales Orders, fulfillment, and warranty claims.

The following sections describe in more detail the impact of Slab Dimensions in each area of the Dynamics GP inventory system, and present the proposed solution in each area.


Design Specification