Historical Inventory Valuation and Historical Lot Numbers Reports

Summary of Requirement

ACME Co.’s activities include fishing, trading, processing and marketing with offices and operations in strategic locations around the world. Their customer base includes famous brands, tuna processing plants and fishing companies.

They currently utilize Dynamics GP with a custom Bill of Materials Module. Within the custom BOM module is an Inventory Valuation Report that provides the Item Number, Site ID, Quantity on Hand, U of M, Unit Cost and Extended Cost. They would like to be able run this report historically with the addition of an “As of Date”. The “As of Date” should pull both the Quantity on Hand and the Standard Cost as of the date entered. The standard Dynamics GP Historical Stock Status report is not visually pleasing nor do they feel that it provides them with accurate information.

In addition, ACME would like to run the standard Dynamics GP Inventory Lot Number Report in the same fashion including an “As of Date” for historical capabilities.

Design Specification

View design specification DS0602