Internal Inventory Sales Transactions

Summary of Requirement

ACME Co. uses Sales Transactions to record internal transfers of material between facilities, however the process is highly manual and time consuming.

Their current process entails the following:

  • A Sales Order is entered into the System.
  • The Sales Order is shipped through Starship and shipping data is written back to GP. A Packing Slip and BOL are printed for the Shipment.
  • The next day, the Sales Order is manually voided and then a Transfer is completed and posted to move the Inventory to its new Site.

There are several factors that make this process ineffective:

  • The process is manual
  • From the time the Sales Order is voided to when the Transfer is created, the unallocated goods from the voided Sales Order can become reallocated to new Sales Order lines
  • When the Transfer posts, the transferred inventory is immediately visible in the “Transfer To” site, even though the inventory does not physically arrive at the “Transfer To” site for a period of days.

Design Specification

View design specification DS0688