Item-Country Shipping Restriction

Summary of Requirement

Some ACME Co. products are restricted by federal law from being sold to certain countries. ACME needs a way to track in GP which countries are prohibited for an item, and to prevent use of that item in Sales Transaction Entry if it is prohibited based on the Customer’s Ship to Address.

The following controls are needed:

1) Record which countries are forbidden for an item

2) Prevent using an item on Sales Transaction Entry if the Item is not allowed for a given Ship To Address’s country code

3) Do not allow changing of the Ship To Address Code on a transaction where the change would result in items being disallowed

4) Require Country Code on Ship To and Bill To Addresses used in Sales Transaction Entry

5) Specify certain users as having the ability to Override the following condition and allow use of a forbidden item: If the Bill To is Forbidden but the Ship To is Allowed. When this override occurs, create an audit trail of who did it and when.

6) Prevent changes of Ship To Address information on the Sales Transaction (all changes must be recorded on the Customer Address Maintenance window).

Design Specification

View design specification DS0548